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About Us

Emiluna is based in Los Angeles, CA and was founded by sisters with a love for artisan crafts. It began from a simple shop selling and trading pieces from our personal collection. With influences from East L.A. and the arts and traditions from the Wixarika/Huichol people of Mexico, the personal collection of bright and colorful jewelry and accessories grew into a what Emiluna is today. We carry artisan made and artisan inspired pieces from various regions of Guatemala and Mexico. Not only are most pieces one of a kind, but our pieces are ethically sourced and many are designed as a collaboration between Emiluna and the artisans making them. We strive to provide quality products with rich history and culture in the construction techniques and even the symbols and colors. When you purchase from Emiluna, you’ll not only be supporting a small business but you’ll also be supporting artisans in Latin America who’s bit of culture and history is embedded in each piece.

Emily is the oldest sister and mother of 3. Emily began by simply selling and trading her own collection of artisan pieces and almost accidentally established the Emiluna brand. She handles the product sourcing and works closely with the vendors with the design process and choosing styles and fabrics that our customers will love.

Anai is the youngest sister and a graphic designer. Outside of her work in non-profit, she maintains the brand image and design for Emiluna. She started by building a simple website for her sister’s small company and as Emiluna began to grow, Anai began to make a stronger presence managing the brand aesthetic from photoshoots to overall marketing.